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                     Sports Camp?   Please scroll down.  Below the Sunday program
                     info you will find  "2018 Summer Sports Camp". 

                     For those familiar with our program, you will probably be happy to
                     know that our 2017 options and fees will remain the same!

  Cerrito Sp

                                           Sunday Soccer  @ Canyon Trail Park

                             Head Coach: Joel Gildersleeve
                             Coaches:  Henry
Lindsay & Ian Roth  (Both are former participants!)

                Spring session  May 6 - 27   (4 playing dates)

 Soccer 12:00 - 1:20      Ages: 4-5, 6-7, & 8-10
                         Baseball...  will return in the fall!



              Fuji apples, Granny Smith's, and Navel oranges will be provided as a complimentary

                                       snack break once each for the soccer & baseball groups.

                                                               Please bring a water bottle!

* Rain outs, if any will always be made up
    Sibling discounts = 10% off total!      Same fees resident / non-resident. 



                       Soccer for 4 Sundays = $77    

                                     Payment options follow "Program overview"...


   Directions to the park:   The address is 6757 Gatto Ave.  We play on the lower field, which is just off Cutting Blvd.

  It is on the left as you come up the hill, or on the right if coming down from the Arlington.  If you haven't been there,

  please do a map search because these are streets with few right angles.  It's a beautiful little park surrounded by greenery.


   Program overview:   Our priorities are safety, fun, and learning.  We emphasize
  participation in a relaxed, non-stress atmosphere designed to introduce team sports
  to beginners, and provide a fun experience for both the novice and intermediate level player.

  If your son or daughter is not yet ready for organized competition, or if you simply
  wish to enroll your child in an alternative, non-competitive
team sports program,
  this may be a good fit.

  Over 7,000 boys and girls have come through our programs since we began
  in 1991.  More than half began their experience with us at the age of 4 or 5.

  Needless to say, quite a few of our participants eventually moved on to compete
  on school and league teams.


                                              You may register in advance by downloading
                                a registration form and mailing a check payable to:
                                Norm Friedman, to 420 Village Dr.  El Cerrito, CA 94530


                                Or:  You can make a payment via PayPal to "El Cerrito Sports Camp"

                                   "Registration Form" for the Sunday Program... please go back
                                                 one page and click on the Registration tab.

                            Or:  On site registration is always possible.  Check or cash acceptable.
                                   During the session, enrollments will be ongoing, so you may join us
                                   at any time for an adjusted, prorated fee.

                          *Note to parents: For child care reimbursement purposes
                                                              our Tax I.D. # is 94 - 33 66 846 

   DirectionsThe park sits just below Gatto St. off of Cutting Blvd. Our play area is located
   on the lower field adjacent to the tennis courts.
  If taking the freeway from either the north
   or the south, the park will be less than 5 minutes from the exit.

   When you approach, look for the bright yellow-green school crossing sign on Cutting Blvd.
   The park will on your left as y
ou approach from below; on your right if coming down from the Arlington.

   It is advisable to do a map search before coming for the first time if you are unfamiliar with the area
   because the route includes a few turns that are not right angles!

   It's a beautiful little park. Just a bit tricky to find the first time out.


   What to bring
                           Soccer shoes are recommended, but sneakers will do. 

                           All participants should bring a water bottle.  Please, no sandals!

  What we provide
                                All necessary equipment and a staff hand-picked to provide
                                an environment which fosters good sportsmanship and a fun

                                experience for all, regardless of an individual's skill level.

                                Fuji apples, Granny Smith's, and Navel oranges will be made

                                available during a brief snack break during both the Soccer
                                and Baseball portions of the program.

  Age Groups:        Our age groups are flexible.  We try to find the right group for each
                               child in the program.  Chronological age is not the sole criteria.
                               We make our groups and observe.  In this regard, parent feedback
                               is welcome.  It is a common occurence to re-assign a child to a
                               younger or older age group.


                                                    Feel free to call if you have a question.


                                                Thank you!  - Director, Norm Friedman: 559-8208 



                               El Cerrito Sports Camp 2018

          A City of El Cerrito Summer Day Camp for  
Ages 4-12

           Norm Friedman, Director    Joel Gildersleeve, Assistant Director


               "We would like to express sincere thanks to all of our recent Summer Camp
               parents, guardians, and participants.  It has been a great pleasure for us to offer
              a summer program that has been so well received over the years. 

               This summer we will be offering the same activities and returning most of the staff. 
              We hope to add one or two quality senior counselors to make things even better.
              Best wishes, good health to all, and hope to see you again in the summer!

                                                          ~ Norm and Joel ~

          A note concerning our governing philosophy and the many options for boys & girls:

  Our priorities are "Safety, Fun, and Learning".  We want everyone to have a good time.   
            If it's a safe activity and fun for the kids we are happy to provide it .  For this reason,
            activities offered are constantly changing to meet the needs of our participants.

           The only restriction that would ever apply would be in the case of a safety issue. 
           For example, we will not allow a 5 year old to play baseball with 10-12 year olds.
          Sometimes we will have two separate groups for age appropriate baseball.

           Whenever feasable, children are given maximum flexibilty in their choice of activities.


    Summer 2018  @ Cerrito Vista Park

              11 one-week sessions

                Week # and Session dates 

1   June 11-15
2   June 18-22
3   June 25-29
4  * July 2-6 no camp Wednesday July 4th - weekly fee prorated
5    July 19-13
6   July 16-21
7   July 23-27
8  July 30 - Aug 3
9   August 6 - 10
10   August 13 - 17

   August 20 - 24

* Session #4 location to be determined (field maintenance at
     Cerrito Vista).  There will be no swimming during week #4.

*City of El Cerrito Summer Camps Extended Care is at the
   Prospect-Sierra School
, Room #1.


***  Registration online

       and click "online registration" to sign up!        


      City of El Cerrito Sports Camp

A full range of
options are available for participants.

    Each of our camps are available in the Morning (9:00-1:00),
   Afternoon (1:00 - 6:00), and All Day (9:00 - 6:00). 
   Options galore to fill out your child's sports and games schedule!

    Of course, as always, children may flow from one camp
    to another. Sports & Games, Soccer Camp, and Baseball Camp
    are all conducted at the same location, Cerrito Vista Park.

Sign ins and sign outs for our Sports Camps are accomplished at our
  Registration Table at Cerrito Vista Park.

  After attendance has been taken, your child will be placed
  in the camp of his/her enrollment preference.

   City staff will provide transportation if your child is in "early drop off",
  and they will similarly transport children to and from other City of El Cerrito camps.


   Sports & Games Camp      

    AM, PM, or All Day

  (Optional recreational swimming on Tuesday & Thursday from

  1:30-3:00 pm is included in fees.)

  Activities: Soccer, basketball, baseball, capture the flag, kickball,

  dodge ball, Frisbee*, jump rope, hula hoops, whiffle ball, obstacle

  courses, banana tag (whatever that is!), etc.

  Home Base: Children will also enjoy visiting the modern play

  structure in the park which is situated a few yards from our home

  base: two large canopies with tables and chairs which provide a

  shaded games area.

  At the tables: Quieter activities include foosball*, air hockey, cartooning, chess,
  connect four*, hot hoops basketball* and a variety of other board and table games.

  Also:  Campers will also enjoy daily water balloon fun, some kite flying, and
  other odd things, such as an occasional treasure hunt. 

  Soccer Camp      

  In appropriate age groups.  AM, PM, or All Day

  Our main instructors are experienced, local soccer players.

  Participants will receive instruction to improve their individual

  soccer skills while also learning the basics of good teamwork.

  Games will be played each day.


  Baseball Camp      


  In appropriate age groups. AM, PM, or All Day


  Soft, synthetic leather safety baseballs will be used.
  Games will usually be played with coaches pitching and catching. 
  For our younger participants, we will also have some Tee-ball

  All daily sign-ins for our Sports Camps are done at the same Registration
  Table at Cerrito Vista Park. Your child will be placed in the camp of
  his/her enrollment preference after attendance has been taken.

  Resident and non-resident fees

2017 Sports Camp
Weekly Session
Daily drop-in
AM Sports Camp
$175 / $215
$47 / $57
PM Sports Camp
$195 / $240
$52 / $62
All Day Sports Camp
(any combination of options)
$275 / $340
$72 / $88


                   Online Registration:

          online and click "online registration" to sign up!



Questions?  Please call the Community Center:  559-7000
                      or Director Norm Friedman 559-8208